Onboard new starters, with no hassle
The Challenge
Onbordo is one of the products we’ve decided to launch in 2019 with Groworks Studio.
We experienced in first place the stress and frustration of the first day at work, when we found not knowing what to do and who to meet.

Team and Responsibilities
Owning the end-to-end product discovery from strategy to final UI. I have employed a number of UX and Product research methodologies (i.e. Contextual Inquiry, Ethnographic studies, Field research) to identify user needs, pain points and behavioural patterns to drive user-centred design for initial MVP. Defined problems, requirements, prioritises backlogs with the CTO to reflect commercial opportunities, real time data and user feedback.

The Process
Product Strategy
MVP Creation
Following a series of initial workshops we were able to identify a problem statement and hypotheses that we would be testing with users to try de-risk as much as we could.

We started with 10 interviews to understand needs and struggles of different type of companies to validate or invalidate our first assumptions.

A co-creation session with the CTO has been useful to generate as many ideas as possible, all based on the first round of research and interviews we have conducted.

We kept Onbordo as simple as possible to implement and creating a simple UI Kit for the CTO to use.I’ve adopted simple rules and iconography from Material Design, and created a few more icons for the Resources box.The colour palette is extra simplified, to help with consistency. Roboto, one of the most used fonts on Google fonts has been chosen as it is simple, clear and as widely recognisable could help feeling reassured while using Onbordo.

get Onbordo
What was the result?

I believe in doing things that don’t scale. Onbordo is stripped to the bare minimum. Is simple, ugly but also half manual.
We are still trying to figure out who is our target and who will be willing to pay for such a simple tool.
We have 12 companies using the tools daily all from different sectors and different sizes.